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How to Remove Windows Safeguard Utility Virus?

Windows Safeguard Utility Information: Windows Safeguard Utility is the latest mutation of Windows System Tasks, Windows Work Catalyst and Windows Inspection Utility virus. It’s programmed so well that it can cheat some pute users to spend money on its so-called full version. Windows Safeguard Utility always uses backdoor Trojans which are created to break into [...]

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How to Remove Windows System Tasks Virus?

Windows System Tasks Information: When you first see Windows System Tasks, you may think that the software is a trustworthy software and it can protect your PC effectively. but the fact is not . Windows System Tasks is just a fake software and can do nothing helpful. And you should also know that Windows System [...]

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How to Remove Security Center Virus?

Security Center Information: Do you know Security Center is a counterfeit antispyware? This pest got many clones, such as Antivirus Center, Internet Protection and Antimalware Tool. All of them have the same malicious code and similar names. Only by knowing their names can people distinguish them. By scanning out those invented problems such as viruses, [...]

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How to Remove Windows 7 Recovery Virus?

Windows 7 Recovery Information: Windows 7 Recovery is just created to cheat gullible users and then entice away their money. But in fact it is a counterfeit system optimzer saying that it can help you repair any system errors. This malware can adopt another name in different targeted Operating Systems, such as Windows Vista Recovery [...]

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How to Remove Security Shield Pro 2011 Virus?

Security Shield Pro 2011 Information: Being the registered version of Security Shield malware, Security Shield Pro 2011 is going to be spread thru the whole Internet. Firstly, it will try hard to convince that your PC is full of serious problems such as badwares, viruses, worms, Trojans and so on. But you’d better not trust [...]

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How to Remove Windows Work Catalyst Virus?

Windows Work Catalyst Information: You should not trust Windows Work Catalyst. Why do we say so? Now let us tell you the reason. Firstly you must know that Windows Work Catalyst is just a fake anti-virus tool telling you it can help you protect your PC against various viruses. This malware hails from a notorious [...]

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How to Remove Windows Inspection Utility Virus?

Windows Inspection Utility Information: Windows Inspection Utility is a fake anti-spyware utility that tells you it can remove viruses and malwares out of your computer. This pest has many variants, such as Windows Supervision Center and Windows Oversight Center malware. In order to make you believe that your computer has been infected seriously, Windows Inspection [...]

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How to Remove Windows Vista Recovery Virus?

Windows Vista Recovery Information: Windows Vista Recovery is a fake system optimizer that has no relationship with Windows service. This pest can change its name according to the infected OS, like Windows XP Recovery or Windows 7 Recovery. By some tricky ways and with the help of Trojan viruses which can find a backdoor, Windows [...]

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How to Remove Windows Oversight Center Virus?

Windows Oversight Center Information: Windows Oversight Center is a rogue spyware removal utility that has no ability to remove viruses on your PC. When it finds the targeted machine, it will find some backdoors and at the same time the Trojans will accomplish this process. After entering your machine, Windows Oversight Center will try all [...]

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How to Remove Windows XP Recovery Virus?

Windows XP Recovery Information: Now let’s see another badware that maybe a latent threat for every computer user. When you are surfing the Internet, you will be infected. Nowadays the most serious malware is Windows XP Recovery. Seeing from the surface, it can help you optimize your PC and improve your PC performance while actually [...]

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