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How to Remove Cloud AV 2012 Virus?

Cloud AV 2012 Information: Cloud AV 2012 (also known as Cloud Antivirus 2012) is a clone of AV Protection Online, AV Protection 2011 and AV Security 2012 virus. Obviously, it’s another rogueware with a slightly changed name. As an ordinary computer user and Internet user, what does it mean to you? In fact it means [...]

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How to Remove Computer Fix Virus?

Computer Fix Information: This fabricated system scanner is a member of the treacherous rogue family as System Fix, System Restore and Data Restore. After the infection of a Trojan, it will display a fabricated virus warning picture telling that your PC gets many infections. Then a fabricated virus scan will be started. Once the fabricated [...]

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How to Remove AV Protection 2011 Virus?

AV Protection 2011 Information: AV Protection 2011 is a falsified system optimization program created for Windows platforms. Its creators are so clever that they made a nice interface that disguises it as a legal program in order to cheat your money. There are already many falsified optimization programs similar to AV Protection 2011, such as [...]

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How to Remove System Fix Virus?

System Fix Information: System Fix is an absolute malware which extremely looks like a legal antispyware. The symptoms of it existence on a computer is tremendous misleading and irritating popup alerts and browsers hijack. Why System Fix “appears” on your machine? Obviously, as you access some suspicious websites, it has emerged on your system by [...]

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How to Remove System Protection 2012 Virus?

System Protection 2012 Information: System Protection 2012 is a scam spyware program which is created by PC hackers. With the help of a Trojan virus, it penetrates into computers. In case this spyware is inside your PC, it will show fictitious information that it is an antivirus software. System Protection 2012 got many names, including [...]

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How to Remove AV Security 2012 Virus?

AV Security 2012 Information: AV Security 2012, an awful software, will mess up your computer once you have it on your PC. It’s from a very notorious rogue clan as System Security 2012 and System Security 2011 virus. In order to accomplish its aims, it employs many aggressive techniques. First of all, AV Security 2012 [...]

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How to Remove System Security 2012 Virus?

System Security 2012 Information: System Security 2012 is another type of badware and it usually disguises itself with its fake exterior as a legal software to deceive people. System Security 2012 is created to continue the hazardous activities of Privacy Protection, Cloud Protection and System Security 2011. Though you can not see how this malware [...]

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How to Remove Privacy Protection Virus?

Privacy Protection Information: Privacy Protection represents another type of rogue anti-spyware software which is employed to cheat people into paying for it to delete imaginary malware. It is similar to Cloud Protection and AV Guard Online; these two software only have different names. Both of them are based on the rogue script. Privacy Protection spreads [...]

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