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How to Remove Worm.Duptwux.A Virus

Worm.Duptwux.A Information: Worm.Duptwux.A is a harmful self-duplicating worm which spreads from computer to computer while the users can not notice this spreading. Worm.Duptwux.A often duplicates itself through mobile storage devices or via trying to use certain loopholes in the injected computers. Worm.Duptwux.A will try to copy itself by platforms which demand PC user’s operation to [...]

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How to Remove Win32/Helompy Virus

WIN32/HELOMPY Information: Here is an awful worm named Win32/Helompy which delivers its copies to the removable devices. The target of Win32/Helompy worm is to steal the account information and send them to a remote server which the hackers take advantage of to make profits. Win32/Helompy is a script of complied AutoIt, and pretends in a [...]

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How to Remove Win32/Snowflake.A Virus

WIN32/SNOWFLAKE.A Information: There is a harmful worm called Win32/Snowflake.A, which can enter into the system via attachments of harmful junk mails. When clicked, Win32/Snowflake.A will install itself in your computer, and go through your contact list of the email clients. As soon as it finds out the contacts of your address list, Win32/Snowflake.A replicates itself [...]

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How to Remove W32/Dorkbot-AM Virus

W32/DORKBOT-AM Information: Here is an awful worm called W32/Dorkbot-AM, it is one portion of a badware utility. W32/Dorkbot-AM hides in a junk mail, aiming at the Latin America computer owners. Generally, the junk mail claims that it has the information of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez death and the matter that Chavez who ever fought against [...]

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How to Remove IRC-Worm.Fagot Virus

IRC-Worm.Fagot Information: There is a worm called IRC-Worm.Fagot, everywhere in IRC Internet through mIRC communication software. IRC-Worm.Fagot puts its components to the attacked HDD of the computer, and then revises Windows Media Player and attempts to exit all anti-malwares. Meanwhile, IRC-Worm.Fagot is able to alter home page of the IE browser, and it also has [...]

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How to Remove Mal/Palevo-A Virus

Mal/Palevo-A Information: Mal/Palevo-A is a malicious PC worm which spreads thru computer networks and mobile drivers. Mal/Palevo-A assists the remote hackers in stealing the personal data and manupulating the infected machines. Meanwhile, Mal/Palevo-A transmits by some means like MAPI, email clients, as well as Windows network APIs. Sometimes, Mal/Palevo-A spreads via spam email attachments. Usually, [...]

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How to Remove Mal/Inject-H Virus

Mal/Inject-H Information: There is a malignant Windows program named Mal/Inject-H. It is a backdoor Trojan which attempts to replicate thru local networks. Mal/Inject-H can connect to a malicious IRC server and help remote attackers to start harmful DdoS attacks. Mal/Inject-H is very dangerous and Mal/Inject-H removal is necessary.

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How to Remove VBS/Joint-A Virus

VBS/Joint-A Information: There is a hazardous VBS worm, owning a name as VBS/Joint-A. It can spread to remote systems easily. It can propagate thru some shared files and networks. Infected spam email attachments, IRC and instant messages and P2P networks provide a good chance for VBS/Joint-A to spread. VBS/Joint-A is able to slow down your [...]

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