Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus Information:

Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ is defined as a hazardous Trojan horse which is newly distributed by web criminals to destroy the affected workstation and steal the victim’s sensitive information. Created with advanced rootkit techniques, Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus has the capability to bypass the installed security programs like firewall and antivirus software to infiltrate deep in the system. After then, it spreads its malicious scripts to some major system parts like Windows registry, computer security settings and Task Manager Settings. As a consequence, Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus runs at the back every time the machine is launched. Besides, the installed antivirus software or anti-spyware is not able to work as normal to well protect the PC. In addition, some applications cannot be opened to assist your daily work. As more and more system loopholes are made, Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus will create a backdoor in the system for the remote attackers to access and control the vulnerable OS. Then more risky viruses like adware, spyware and malware will be injected to mess up and slow down the PC. Worst still, the important information that is stored on the computer will be stolen for unknown activities. In such case, you’ll encounter more loss. Thus, it is urgent and necessary to remove Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus as soon as possible. The following post will do you a favor.

Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus is really dangerous

1. Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus is a dangerous and foxy Trojan virus.
2. Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus changes Windows registry settings.
3. Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus creates much more system vulnerabilities.
4. Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus makes the PC performance much poor.
5. Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus steals valuable information especially credit card data.

Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus Manual Removal

Note: If you are not proficient with computer, it’s advised that you backup your system before manually removing Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus. And double check the files that you are going to delete, or your computer can’t work for missing some files.

Step 1: Open Registry Editor

Type in registry and then click OK

Delete the following registery files.



Step 2: Delete the following files:

%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\[random]\

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\.exe

Please, note that manual removal of Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus is a procedure with high complexity and can not always guarantee a full removal of the virus, due to the fact that some objects can stay hidden or may become reanimated automatically after incomplete removal. What’s more, lack of the required skills and even the slightest deviation from the removal guides may result in irreparable system corruption. That’s the reason it’s strongly adviced automatic removal of Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus, which will save your time and avoid any system corruptions and ensure the desired result.

Automatic Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus Removal:

Step 2: Click & download the trusted Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus Automatic Removal Utility.

Tips: In case you can’t install the removal utility, please download this correction script, unzip it and then double click to execute it. It can correct the system settings that the spyware has distorted.

Step 6: Perform a Full Scan of your system to detect Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus or other malware.

Trojan Horse Generic35.QSJ virus Removal Video:


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