Etype is a nasty adware program which quietly installs on the computer without getting user’s approval and results in plenty of troubles on the PC. By exploiting system and browser loopholes, Etype can enter in the computer and make your web browsers not able to work properly. The reason why Etype attacks your PC is to hijack you to its website that looks like a search provider as Google or Bing. Please be careful that Etype can not provide splendid search service, but also result in many other problems. When it’s running, Etype keeps redirecting your browsers to its own website or other suspicous websites. And it can add unknown websites to your bookmark folder. And there are strange popup ads on your computer. Those ads may download unwanted rogueware or programs or even malware on your PC. So Etype is really dangerous and unwanted.

Etype Screen shot:

How to Remove Etype Redirect Problem

1. Open Control Panel and uninstall Etype as well as those unknown software or games that install Etype secretly.

2.Go to Tools and uninstall Etype or add-on from web browsers. If you notice some unknown toolbar or add-ons, it’s necessary for you to uninstall them.

3. Scan your whole computer and delete those hidden malware that may install Etype.

Published by Cruze Albert