virus Information: is reported as a tricky and harmful website which will hijack all Internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. This unknown website can be classified as a browser hijacker or a pop-up virus because it usually generates a lot of pop-ups to disrupt your normal work. After infiltration, pop-up virus first adds new files to the system registry so as to make sure its auto activation on Windows boot-up. Meanwhile, it disguises as a legit system process to escape from the detection of your antivirus programs. Then pop-up virus would modify your browser settings as well as the system DNS settings. As a consequence, your favorite home page and search tool will be put under the control of this unwanted program. Besides, when you click the search results, enter correct IP addresses in the search box or open new tabs, or other similar websites will frequently pop up on your screen to lure you into visiting them and paying for promoted products. But if you do click the offered links on those pop-up sites, your workstation would be further destroyed by additional nasty PC viruses like spyware, adware, rogueware and malware. pop-up virus can take up high system resources on the other side. That is why you have to wait for much time to launch the machine, execute applications and connect to the Internet. What’s worse, pop-up virus will help its designers gather your user names, passwords and credit card details for illegal purposes. Thus, it is wise to remove this foxy and risky pop-up virus before it causes a lot of loss to you. virus is really dangerous

1. virus is a dangerous and tricky browser hijacker virus.
2. virus could change system and browser settings automatically.
3. virus would could replace your default homepage and search engine.
4. virus causes a lot of damage and generates numerous popups.
5. virus slows up the PC performance and steals sensitive information. virus Manual Removal

Note: If you are not proficient with computer, it’s advised that you backup your system before manually removing virus. And double check the files that you are going to delete, or your computer can’t work for missing some files.

Step 1: Open Registry Editor

Type in registry and then click OK

Delete the following registery files.


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableRegedit” = 0

Step 2: Delete the following files:

%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\[random]\


%AppData%[trojan name]toolbaruninstallStatIE.dat

Please, note that manual removal of virus is a procedure with high complexity and can not always guarantee a full removal of the virus, due to the fact that some objects can stay hidden or may become reanimated automatically after incomplete removal. What’s more, lack of the required skills and even the slightest deviation from the removal guides may result in irreparable system corruption. That’s the reason it’s strongly adviced automatic removal of virus, which will save your time and avoid any system corruptions and ensure the desired result.

Automatic virus Removal:

Step 2: Click & download the trusted virus Automatic Removal Utility.

Tips: In case you can’t install the removal utility, please download this correction script, unzip it and then double click to execute it. It can correct the system settings that the spyware has distorted.

Step 6: Perform a Full Scan of your system to detect virus or other malware. virus Removal Video:


Published by Cruze Albert