TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus Information:

TR\Alureon.FQ.128 is detected as a risky Trojan which will cause much damage to your computer. Generally speaking, this malicious virus is distributed to as many computers as possible via suspicious web pages, spam email attachments, or affected free programs. Once TR\Alureon.FQ.128 compromises your PC, it will modify some of your system settings by changing the system files as well as the registry keys. As a result, this harmful Trojan disables or even blocks arbitrary programs. That’s why you cannot launch the wanted application sometimes. Meanwhile, your workstation is more vulnerable to be attacked by web criminals. Besides, TR\Alureon.FQ.128 would bring other computer viruses such as FBI MoneyPak virus and Department of Justice virus, etc. In such case, your desktop will be definitely destroyed with so many threats inside. For example, your computer performance becomes poorer than before. Even, your system crashes or freezes up randomly.

On the other hand, TR\Alureon.FQ.128 is able to affect your web browsers including IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome. By doing so, it redirects your default home page and search engine to a certain vicious web page. In addition, TR\Alureon.FQ.128 reroutes your search results to some useless web pages. Further more, it connects to a remote server from the Internet and gathers your personal information for it.

All in all, TR\Alureon.FQ.128 is a great danger to both your PC and your privacy. It is highly advised to delete this foxy, stubborn and destructive virus as soon as possible.

TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus is really dangerous

1. TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus is a dangerous Trojan virus.
2. TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus compromises your PC stealthily.
3. TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus could infect your web browser.
4. TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus installs other computer viruses.
5. TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus bombards random popups.

TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus Manual Removal

Note: If you are not proficient with computer, it’s advised that you backup your system before manually removing TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus. And double check the files that you are going to delete, or your computer can’t work for missing some files.

Step 1: Open Registry Editor

Type in registry and then click OK

Delete the following registery files.



HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Attachments “SaveZoneInformation” = ‘0’

Step 2: Delete the following files:

%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\[random]\

%Documents and Settings%\All Users\Application Data\[random]\[random].mof

%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\~r

Please, note that manual removal of TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus is a procedure with high complexity and can not always guarantee a full removal of the virus, due to the fact that some objects can stay hidden or may become reanimated automatically after incomplete removal. What’s more, lack of the required skills and even the slightest deviation from the removal guides may result in irreparable system corruption. That’s the reason it’s strongly adviced automatic removal of TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus, which will save your time and avoid any system corruptions and ensure the desired result.

Automatic TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus Removal:

Step 2: Click & download the trusted TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus Automatic Removal Utility.

Tips: In case you can’t install the removal utility, please download this correction script, unzip it and then double click to execute it. It can correct the system settings that the spyware has distorted.

Step 6: Perform a Full Scan of your system to detect TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus or other malware.

TR\Alureon.FQ.128 virus Removal Video:


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