Computer malware can cause you severe harm to your computer if they stay on your machine. Malware usually enter into your computer without your awareness or permission so as to launch their malicious campaign. We divide our spyware database based on most widespread categories. You can search for the malware you want to remove. But sometimes, you can’t find the one you want, for spyware are named differently by different security centers.

Spyware by Categories :

Adware usually runs without user’s permission or consent. Many software authors offer free software and earn money by packaging adware programs with their software. Adware programs are not always harmful, they usually track and send user’s online activities and preference to advertisers and produce targeted advertisement banners.

Browser Hijackers modify user’s web browser settings with the help of Trojans. Hackers take advantage of browser hijack and take victims to malicious websites and persuade them to buy rogue programs. Aggressive rogue programs won’t let you restore your browser settings. You should completely remove rogue programs if you want to get rid of browser hijack.

Keyloggers are software that can record your keystroke operation on your computer, especially for the purpose to get your user name and passwords and banking information. Some keyloggers can even take screen shots of your computer operation, including emails and instant messages. Keyloggers are a severe risk to your privacy.

Rogue Security Applications are fake applications developed to appear as a legitimate security applications. Rogue security applications use devious tactics to scare users into believing that their computers are infected by lots of malware which are fabricated. And then rogue applications get easy money and force users to pay for the so-called virus removal.

Rootkits are malware designed to stay undetected by many antivirus or security applications and used by hackers to take control of the failing computers. Hackers take advantage of Rootkits’ undetected capabilities to spread spyware and malicious files. Rootkits can infect Windows, Mac and even Linux OS.

Trojans Horses usually secretly infiltrates into targeted computer via software downloads, websites containing malicious script and email attachments. Trojans affect victims by infecting and destroying user files. Some Trojans can open backdoor for hackers to remote access the infected computers, which will make your private data vulnerable.

Worms are computer parasites that can replicate themselves and spread themselves to other computers or its network. Worms are very hard to detect and difficult to completely delete. Worms affect computer users by consuming bandwidth resources and slow down the computers and its network.

Spyware continues to infect 90% of computers connected to the Internet One infection of the above spyware indicates that your computer has at least been infected by one kind of spyware. Some spyware may stay undetected somewhere in your computer. To completely detect and remove all hidden spyware, please download the trusted spyware remover and perform a full scan of your computer.