How to Remove “Ads not by this site” Virus

Ads not by this site Information:

Ads not by this site is a vicious adware program that often comes together with other spyware, keyloggers, Trojans to ruin your machine and privacy. As soon as Ads not by this site virus sleeps in your workstation, this adware would trigger many irritating advertisement popups and repeatedly reroute your web browsers to its own website that is designed to gather visitors’ surfing data and habits so that it’s able to better display advertisements accordingly. As a result, you can see the advertisements are very attractive. If you click on some banners that link to suspicious websites, you may download some Trojans or spyware on the machine. If so, your computer will be very dangerous. In case you see Ads not by this site popups in your machine, it’s advisable for you to get rid of this adware to stop its endless popups. Read more-->

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