How to Remove FBI Moneypak Virus?

FBI MoneyPak virus Information:

Recently, another ransomware has been attacking lots of computer and it even makes use of the tile of FBI Bureau Investigation. The truth is that its creator has created many copies of such ransomware, such as Police Central e-crime Unit and Strathclyde Police Ukash virus. When FBI virus gets inside your PC, it displays a warning and tells you that your computer is locked, for it’s found to violate the copyright-related law and watch or distribute porn-related contents. And FBI ransomware informs that your working system may be infected with threats that may also lead to the violation of law due to its secret operation. It will be impossible for you to use your computer when FBI ransomware locks it. On its warning message, FBI virus also tells you how to unlock your machine, that’s to pay the fine of 100 dollars via MoneyPak and it will unlock your machine within two days. So, it’s very easy for hackers to swindle your money by locking your PC and make use of the title of FBI. Please don’t pay for FBI ransomware, for it will not unlock your PC and you only lose your money. To get rid of FBI Moneypak Virus, please follow our removal instruction below. Read more-->

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