How to Remove Gaeilge Ransomware Virus

Gaeilge Ransomware Information:

Gaeilge Ransomware is another Trojan virus that can lock the compromised computers. In fact, there are too many computer lock ransomware spreading throughout the Internet, such as FBI MoneyPak virus and Police Central e-crime Unit Virus. All of them employ similar deceitful tactics to scare computer users and swindle their money. As long as it intrudes in your system, Gaeilge Ransomware will display a bogus notification stating that you are found to have some illegal activities. Gaeilge Ransomware even displays your IP address and tries to convince you to believe its notification. Once active, Gaeilge Ransomware prevents you using your system by locking it and disabling many system functions. It asks you to pay 100 euros via PaySafecard or Ukash to unlock your system. After you pay the fine, you will receive a code that will supposedly unlock your system. Please do not fall for its trick! Gaeilge Ransomware is nothing but a nasty virus. There is no way to bypass this bogus notification even you restart your system. To help you remove Gaeilge Ransomware, we’ve provided a removal instruction below. Read more-->

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