How to Remove Gendarmerie Nationale Virus

Gendarmerie Nationale Information:

Gendarmerie Nationale turns out to be another nasty ransomware which mainly infects French users. There are many similar ransomware, including FBI Moneypak Virus and Police Central e-crime Unit Virus. Usually, Gendarmerie Nationale virus spreads throughout the Internet via hacked websites or infected software downloads. As soon as it infiltrates into the targeted computers, it will display a fabricated waring in French stating that you have been found to break the law by watching and spreading porn-related stuff etc. The worse thing is that Gendarmerie Nationale completely locks your system and blocks you from using your computer. What you can do is to read its misleading warning. By doing so, Gendarmerie Nationale virus tries to deceive you and push you into paying for the so-called fine to unlock your system. Please be careful that Gendarmerie Nationale virus just wants to swindle your saving. You should not fall for its misleading warning, as it’s completely false. The right thing for you to do is to completely remove Gendarmerie Nationale virus. Read more-->

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