How to Remove Live Security Platinum Virus

Live Security Platinum Information:

Although Live Security Platinum pretends to be as powerful as legal security program, we have to warn you that this application is extremely malicious parasite as Smart Protection 2012 and Smart Fortress 2012 virus. Live Security Platinum is extremely vicious as other similar parasite safety software, thus every user should stay away from. In addition, Live Security Platinum will disguise itself as legal security utility which is allegedly useful to protect your computer. It is able to sneak into the affected machine under the support of various approaches and Trojans. Thus it is impossible for you to detect the intrusion of Live Security Platinum on your PC. However, it will also perform virus scans for your machine without asking any permission. After that Live Security Platinum will present victims with tons of fabricated alerts. Those false warnings will continuously convince you to pay for its useless activated version from its misleading official web portal so as to solve the above threats. Live Security Platinum will not just display unnecessary infection scans. Moreover, Live Security Platinum will also allow other computer viruses to gain access to the compromised PC. Certainly you will not get any report about that. Additionally, Live Security Platinum is used to block the affected machine’s networking and corrupt other applications. What’s worse, the innocent users are not able to utilize other safety tools for they are controlled by Live Security Platinum and nothing can stop its nasty activities. Read more-->

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