How to Remove Virus Information:

The number of rogue software is decreasing, while that of search engine hijacker is increasing. This kind of hijacker is about taking control of the search results and making users impossible visit the wanted websites. Different from rogue software that ask for money to delete imaginary infections, this kind of virus is only very irritating. is such kind of hijacker. Actually it disguises to look like a search engine. is not dangerous to visit. However, it can not find out anything when you type in a keyword and hit Search. So you may wonder what hackers can benefit by making effort to hijack you to Well, they can earn money from the ads on The more people visit and click ads on it, the more money they can earn. Closing can not fix the problem unless you do not want to use search engines to find information. Your computer is invaded by ZeroAccess Rootkit, so you can not get away from That is to say this Rootkit will always redirect you to while you are using search engines. Read more-->

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