How to Remove Windows Vista Recovery Virus?

Windows Vista Recovery Information: Windows Vista Recovery is a fake system optimizer that has no relationship with Windows service. This pest can change its name according to the infected OS, like Windows XP Recovery or Windows 7 Recovery. By some tricky ways and with the help of Trojan viruses which can find a backdoor, Windows Vista Recovery will be easily installed in your computer. Next, this malware pretends to scan your system for potential errors. Anyway, this malware will certainly display some errors to scare you. That may be not enough for you to fall for its trap. So, Windows Vista Recovery will produce many popups telling you some critical system errors. Why does Windows Vista Recovery behave like this? That's because the badware is trying to let you know that your computer has a great deal of problems and you must clean them right away by following its advice. And of course it is misleading. That is because Windows Vista Recovery in fact is a badware and it can't find out any errors and it also can't repair them. So it's obvious that Windows Vista Recovery is just a rogue program. It is operated by hackers and their aim is to steal the information of your credit card and steal the money in it to release their financial crisis. And at the same time Windows Vista Recovery will also tell you to buy the full version so that you can make you PC safe. You must know that this is a typical swindle and you'd better get out of it. And Windows Vista Recovery will also find out some important part of your PC and make some bad influence on it. Windows Inspection Utility Screenshot:

Manual Removal


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