How to Remove FBI Green Dot Moneypak Virus

FBI Green Dot Moneypak virus Information:

FBI Green Dot Moneypak alert is another malicious ransomware that deliberately makes use of FBI’s name. In fact, it’s also reported as FBI MoneyPak virus. Generally speaking, computer users may get infected by FBI Green Dot Moneypak virus when they are downloading media files or cracked programs bundled with backdoor trojans. Once they activate the download link, FBI Green Dot Moneypak will infiltrate into the computer. Once staying inside your system, FBI Green Dot Moneypak virus immediately makes changes to your system registry and other important configurations. And it’s impossible for you to change them back with this ransomware inside. What’s more, it will disable many system functions like Task Manager to block you using your system. It bocks you with a FBI Green Dot Moneypak alert that reports you have done something illegal and your computer is locked. To save you from being accused and unlock your system, you should pay a fine via Moneypak card. Please do not be cheated by this fake and misleading warning. Cyber hackers created it to swindle your money by frightening and misleading you. What you should do is not to pay for it. Instead, you should follow our steps and remove FBI Green Dot Moneypak virus ASAP! Read more-->

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