How to Remove Federal Bureau Investigation Virus

Federal Bureau Investigation Information:

Federal Bureau Investigation virus turns out to be another vicious ransomware which attacks computers via security loopholes or spam email attachments or infected torrent files. To avoid being infected by computer malware, it’s necessary to use safe web browsers, latest version of Java and security software. One of its obvious symptom of Federal Bureau Investigation virus infection is that a fake warning will display on your screen and stop you opening your files and using your system. And it tells you that you’ve violated the law by using or spreading copyrighted files. Many computer users are frightened by its well-designed appearance and statement and may be cheated by the ransomware. And Federal Bureau Investigation alert asks you to pay 200 dollars via MoneyPak so that it can unlock your system. Please known that there is no relationship between Federal Bureau Investigation alert and other legal organizations. Hackers just make use of their name to mislead and scare victims and rip them off. Before Federal Bureau Investigation virus, there are already many ransomwares spreading throughout the Internet, such as FBI MoneyPak virus and Police Central e-Crime Unit virus. Read more-->

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