How to Remove Malex Trojan Virus

Malex Trojan Information:

Malex Trojan is a dangerous computer infection that displays a variety of deceitful warnings. Currently, Malex Trojan is involved in the malicious campaign of ransomwares which shows a fabricated warning from FBI. This warning reports that you have broken the law by accessing or spreading porn-related stuff. As soon as Malex Trojan gets inside your computer, it will completely lock your system and does not allow you to use it. Then Malex Trojan will kindly tell you how to unlock your system, that’s to pay a ransom via Moneypak. And if you pay it within 72 hours, it will unlock your system, otherwise, you will be accused. Many people are scared and decide to pay the money. Please do not fall for its trap! This warning hs nothing to do with FBI or any government department. It’s just a tactic that greedy hackers employ to mislead users and swindle their money. They try to make use of the name of police or other well-known organizations to deceive users. To resolve your problem, you should completely remove Malex Trojan virus. Read more-->

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