How to Remove Virus Information: is a rather dangerous browser hijacker that is a member of ZeroAccess Rootkit group. virus is able to take over your web browsers and divert them to any website by altering the DNS settings and HOSTS file. When creeps in your machine, it will keep diverting you to its webpage or other similar websites when you try to visit the search results on search systems like Google, AOL and Bing etc. is a website that appears as a search engine, but it turns out to be a one full of advertisements. By hijacking your search results, hackers can drive lots of traffic to that tries to make visitors click on its ads or download the recommended software products. By doing so, hackers can earn a lot of pay-per-click or pay-per-download revenues. Besides, can monitor your online activities and interests to gather more personal info for other purpose. What’s more, ZeroAccess Rootkit that causes redirection can help other malware install in your PC. Therefore, your PC can be very dangerous. Read more-->

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