How to Remove Yontoo Layers Client

Yontoo Layers Client Information:

Yontoo Layers Client, also referred as Yontoo, is a potentially unwanted program created to supposedly protect computers. Yontoo Layers Client appears as a web browser extension that may display ads from Yontoo. As a result, it’s classified as an adware program. And one of the application that uses Yontoo platform is Pagerange that is known to be able to modify Facebook. The main purpose of Yontoo Layers Client is to steal users’ information and delete files randomly. Yontoo Layers Client will display various alerts when you want to visit different websites. What’s more, it slows down your computer performance and restricts you to accising your files. There are many viruses hiding in the ad websites that provide free offers of useless products. If you trigger them and download into your system, your privacy will be at high risk. So, it’s advisable for you to get rid of Yontoo Layers Client which seems to be installed on your PC without your awareness. Read more-->

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