How to Remove Virus Information: is a created and manipulated by ZeroAccess Rootkit infection which exploits system loopholes and stealthily intrudes in the targeted machines. Though does not look malicious, it turns out to be a disgusting browser hijacker which denies users accessing the websites provided by search engines. Regardless of which search results or search system you use, you will end up on once you click on them. That’s not the problem of those search engines, but your computer has something wrong. Although looks like a search system, it can not find any useless information for you and it can only display various ad banners and mislead you clicking on. By doing so, hackers can earn a lot from advertisers. In addition, your system will run very slowly and the default page of browsers is changed without your awareness. And you may be disappointed with your security software that can not detect and block such malware attacking your system. Read more-->

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