How to Remove JS/Redirector.NIQ Virus

JS/Redirector.NIQ Information:

JS/Redirector.NIQ is identified as a malicious Trojan virus. Similar to other Trojans, JS/Redirector.NIQ has already been released and infecting lots of computer. JS/Redirector.NIQ has the ability to change the computer settings and add its dangerous registry keys to distort the Windows. What’s worse, JS/Redirector.NIQ could escape from the detection of security tools or even ruin your security tools and maintain a rapid rate of cloning itself. Being a Trojan, JS/Redirector.NIQ is good at downloading other harmful threats on the PC, such as FBI Moneypak virus or Data Recovery virus, to further rip you off. It’s so dangerous to let JS/Redirector.NIQ stay on your machine. You should get rid of it quickly for fear that it brings you more problems. Read more-->

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