How to Completely Remove PCeU (Police Central e-crime Unit) virus

PCeU virus Information:

PCeU virus is short for Police Central e-crime Unit virus that is a terrible ransomware. PCeU virus has been aggressively attacking lots of computers in the past months. One of the most obvious symptoms is that PCeU virus locks the entire computer and displays a phony warning claiming that your computer is found to visit porngraphic websites and stores prohibited stuff. As you can see, PCeU virus then gives you guide to unlock your computer, that’s to pay 100 pounds via Ukash or Paysafe Card. And then your computer will be unlocked within 48 hours. Many users were cheated to pay the “fine”, as they thought the warning is from the real police station. Please remember that PCeU virus has nothing to do with any legitimate department. If you believe its bogus warning, you will end up losing your cash and leave your PC locked. This group of hackers have been good at employing this kind of tactics and deceiving lots of computer users. And they have released many ransomwares, including FBI Moneypak virus, Microsoft Windows Ukash Virus and Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash Virus. Therefore, please do not fall for its trap. The right thing for you to do is to completely remove PCeU virus. Read more-->

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