How to Remove Virus Information: is one of the browser hijacker that affects people’s searching. It’s not difficult for it to modify your homepage of the browser or reroute you to other websites instead of the ones you want. just pretends to be one search system while it is not. Going to is one evidence of FunMoods Toolbar’s existence on your computer. FunMoods Toolbar is a browser helper object or an add-on that uses offensive strategies to make profits. It can change your default search website and keep redirecting you to other websites that are useless to you. In addition, you will not be able to reach your search results. FunMoods Toolbar will change your visit to instead of the websites appearing in the search results. And FunMoods Toolbar is able to gather your browsing behaviours and display targeted advertisements on By doing so, it can earn lots of advertising fees. Of course, you can go to your browser setting and remove FunMoods Toolbar once you find it. But this can not really get rid of all malicious components. Read more-->

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