How to Remove Win32:Downloader-PKU [Trj] Virus

Win32:Downloader-PKU [Trj] Information:

Win32:Downloader-PKU [Trj] is a nasty Trojan infection whick is able to connect remote server and drop hazardous computer parasites. Win32:Downloader-PKU [Trj] has many payloads in the affected computer. As a typical Trojan horse, Win32:Downloader-PKU [Trj] helps hackers drop keylogger software to monitor your computer activities or even rogue applications to swindle your money. Since Win32:Downloader-PKU [Trj] has rootkit trait, it can bypass the detection of many security utilities and stay comfortable in the PC. To protect itself, Win32:Downloader-PKU [Trj] can pretend to be system files or processes. Win32:Downloader-PKU [Trj] is an extremely dangerous virus to your computer, please act now and delete this nasty Trojan for good. Read more-->

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