How to Remove Win32/Sirefef.FB.Gen Virus

Win32/Sirefef.FB.Gen Information:

Win32/Sirefef.FB.Gen is a Trojan horse which will appear on the affected machine, as this Trojan is capable of hiding itself and avoiding the detection and deletion of various antivirus applications. Win32/Sirefef.FB.Gen is created by remote attackers which aim to exploit this malware to sneak into and control the contaminated machine and hijack web browsers to suspicious websites. It’s the mutation of Trojan:Win32/Sirefef.AL and Trojan.Sirefef.Ga Virus. Win32/Sirefef.FB.Gen produces countless fabricated email information to fool innocent users and presents various obnoxious advertisements on the compromised computer. In addition, Win32/Sirefef.FB.Gen can reinstall itself via connecting to remote attackers’ servers. By doing so, Win32/Sirefef.FB.Gen is able to collect and transmit the information to remote servers for malicious purposes. For the safety concern of your privacy and PC, you need to detect and eliminate Win32/Sirefef.FB.Gen as quickly as possible. Read more-->

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