How to Remove Virus Information: is an extremely notorious browser redirection infection. This redirect virus is capable of blocking you visitng the search results of Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. through changing your browser settings and redirecting you to visit and other hazardous web sites. The producer of is trying to exploit it to damage your web search activities and gain access to your machine to make money. may look like a legal search system when users discover it at the first time. Of course, it is a website; however, it is an extremely hazardous and nasty browser hijacker. If you want to search something useful on your browsers, the search results will always be hijacked to will usually sneak into the affected system the moment you visit some unsecured web portals or get some free updates for certain applications. If you keep inside your machine, you will be confronted with many severe issue, such as your machine will become slower and your computer resources will be consumed. In addition, will drop other malicious components onto your machine to steal your private messages for illegal income. Read more-->

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