How to Remove Virus Information:

There is a new search hijacker known as which is a clone of Virus. Cyber attackers employs to rip off people. That’s very easy to understand. An annoying virus is spreading world wide for several months. Even though it is also related to many other search engines, experts still call Google Redirect malware. At the beginning, those computer cheaters injected a rootkit into your system. This kind of invasion is very difficult to spot and stop, as it is able to hide in many system folders. What this rootkit will do is to alter the HOSTS file of your computer by adding certain malicious code in it. Moreover, some Internet configurations of the polluted computer will be influenced by it. This will result in unwanted redirect to when you use a search engine. Each link in the search results will be leading you to or some related pages which are showing ads. What they can get by doing so is very clear. They reroute you to which will generate renenue once clicked by you. This is absolutely not the things you expect. Before you totally eradicate it, the trouble will continue to annoy you. Read more-->

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