How to Remove Virus Information: is not a real search engine at all, as it’s created for some bad goal but not helping you somehow. We have discussed many similar problems before, such as Virus and Virus. Though they look differently, they have the same hijacker feature. Cyber criminals want to make money on pay-per-click industry. That’s to say, they need to attract lots of traffic and make them click on the ads on their websites. Of course, they will not apply regular SEO means to grow traffic. So they resort to an automatic way, that’s ZeroAccess Rootkit. When this rootkit succeeds in entering your workstation, it will impact the way you search. The problem will happen when you search on some well-known search engines like Yahoo! and Google etc. This rootkit do not stop you visting them, entering the phrase and getting the real search results. But you will be surprised to end up on rather than other website URLs you clicked. No matter which link that you click, it will all take you to the The more click to, the more money hackers can get. Read more-->

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