How to Remove Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash Virus

Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash Information:

Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash is a recently distributed malware which disguises itself as a Windows update so as to cheat you to pay a so-called “fine” to unlock your PC. In fact, Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash has nothing to do with Microsoft Windows update. Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash is extremely obnoxious for its only purpose is to damage the compromised machine and hurt its host. Another fact you should know is that Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash has countless variants, such as FBI Moneypak virus, An Garda Siochana Ireland’s National Police Virus and Police Central e-crime Unit virus that have been spreading throughout the world. Once Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash sneaks into your computer, it will immediately begin to destroy your machine which makes your PC out of control. In addition, you will receive some popup alerts stating that your machine gets locked and you have to pay for a “fine” via Ukash or Paysafe Card due to your visits to illegitimate web pages so as to unlock your computer. Your network is completely corrupted and your security tools cannot provide any help. You cannot see your system Start Menu or use your legal security applications to delete Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash. What’s worse, Windows Anytime Upgrade Ukash will continuously appear in the system and prevent you from using safe mode. And this ransomware is also able to drop other malicious components onto the contaminated machine which will cause more destruction on your computer like unnecessary files deletion and network hijacking. Read more-->

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